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Toru Ueda

Toru Ueda - Blooper Backpacks
At the foot of Japan South Alps, Toru Ueda runs a one-man operation, "Blooper Backpacks," creating purpose-built packs for dedicated trail runners, alpinists and hard hikers. After majoring education at college he didn't get a full-time job as a teacher because he was already a popular amateur maker among friends by word of mouth. He taught himself to design cutting patterns and sew packs. Users of his packs include many major trail runners, adventure racers and hard hikers.

Because of the garage characteristics of his workshop, his packs are all made to order. He is also a headwater fly fisher, and he makes a limited run of short fly fishing vests and sacoches. Toru stands by the items he sews, and all parts are repairable at cost. He says his items are not for fashion, and his minimalistic items are sewn to be used heavily and last long. Currently he is backordered heavily and the lead time is about a year. Everything is hand-sewn in Japan. We all think he needs another capable employee.

Homepage and Links
Homepage (Japanese) -

Products and Prices

Vest, Packs and Reel Cases

For fly fishers, he creates two types of new-generation vests, one mini-satchel and a reel-case. His vests, named Huprok7 (ultra-short veritical vest) and Speight7 (short, minimal vest), inspired by the old-school American fly vests but updated with his minimalistic design inclinations and modern materials, are starting to get heavy media coverage. To order a vest from him, you have to send in the measurement of 1) neck 2) chest and shoulder. He will choose the best pattern he has to realize a custom fit. Vests are available in tan or blue gray. The current wait time is about 6 months.

The mini-satchel, named "Anglers' Minimal Organizer," is for your home turf, where you know exactly what is going to happen, to enjoy the pleasant routine of catching one or two. It features two fly box compartments, a mouton patch, a zippered flap and floatant sleeve. The current wait time is about 6 month, and you can order color of either green, blue, or grey.

Sometimes Toru finds time to sew reel cases (“burgers”) using the leftover cloths from pack-making. He makes them in batches, and if you are interested, send us a message and we will put you in the waiting list. The cloth used is dyneema/nylon in green, blue or gray.

Product Prices

Huprok7 Ultra-Short Vertical Vest
(tan or blue gray, sewn to order)

30,800 yen
(back mesh pocket: add 2,200 yen)

Speight7 Short Vest
(tan or blue gray, sewn to order)

33,000 yen
(back mesh pocket: add 2,200 yen)

Anglers’ Minimal Organizer

6,600 yen

Burger reel case

4,000 yen

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