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Katsumi Harada

Harada Takezao - Katsumi Harada
Katsumi Harada has 20 years of rodmaking career under his belt. First he created bamboo rods under the brand "Le Grand Soir" and then simplified it to "Harada Takezao (=bamboo rod)."

He studied philosophy at college. After working for an ad agency for years he wanted to make something that are directly marketable to users. What he makes unique is his attitude to try something different. "Philosophy starts with doubting what is universally accepted as truth. This attitude may have some effect in my work."

Harada's rods are not conventional. In his Le Grand Soir days he made quite a few rods that were insprired by T&T limited commemorative models such as Sans Noeud and Fountainhead to prove what he could do. Now he shifted his focus to "new" material of madake bamboo and flexible ferrules (made of glass spigot or reinforced bamboo). The combination of lightweight ferrules and low-modulus bamboo material results in a unique feel that is suitable to delicate presentations in short distance.

In early winter he harvests madake culms using his hard-earned connection in the prime growing areas. He ages the poles for several years before turning them into fly rods. His blanks and reel seat spacers receive hand-rubbed urushi coating, making the surface very resilient to scratches.

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Katsumi Harada's cane rods are categorized into PG (progressive) and PB (parabolic) series. PG rods have supple tips and powerful butts, but the sweet, rhythmic feel of good cast is retained. PB rods have resistant tips and somewhat softer butts, making cast almost automatic. He currently utilizes E-glass ferrules, which takes a lot of micro polishing but renders wonderful results especially for madake rods because of the low swing weight. Aluminim cases and rod socks come standard.

Rod Prices

3-piece rod, with extra tip: 257,400 yen

4-piece rod, with extra tip: 273,900 yen

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