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Masamichi Ichikawa

Masamichi Ichikawa - Tremendous Rods
Masamichi Ichikawa followed a unique carrier path. He used to work successfully in an apparel business but he shifted his focus to bamboo fly rods after he encountered a red-wrapped Leonard 38H in the late 80s. He knew that it had been made on production basis, but he could easily feel craftsmanship and devotion that were inspiring to him. Born with very good hands and eyes, he started first as restorer of classic cane rods, but he soon grew into an individual maker. One of his overseas clients, after he had received a rod authentically restored by Ichikawa, murmered "TREMENDOUS!" and he used that adjective as his brand name for some time. Now his rods are simply called "Ichikawa Rods." He now concentrates on the creation of original rods, and doesn't take any restoration work any more. 

Over the years he collected vast data from individual specimens of classic rods, which have helped him make original tapers that he believes the best match to modern fly fishing. He is also a guitar and motor enthusiast, and he takes pride in both the quality of action and finish, just like a vintage Gibson or classic Ferrari shines in both performance and looks.

His rods do shine, but Masamichi means them to be used. All are of medium actions, with various degrees of micro-adjutments to fit the needs of light-line fishing up to #5. His current lineup consists of following five series and models of rods.

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Products and Prices

Rods - Benchmark Series

Blonde oven finish rods with medium action that maintains the touch with the line, leader and the fly.

Benchmark Series Prices

2-piece rod, with extra tip: 210,000 yen

Benchmark Series Models
ModelLengthSectionsLine #Action

Benchmark 663


Benchmark 7034


Benchmark 734


Benchmark 7645


Rods - Smoky and Yamame Models

The Smoky is a quick-reacting, pocket-water rod, featuring dark, rich flamed finish with swelled butt. The Yamame model boasts irregular tiger-torched pattern with red wraps, and also swell-butted.

Smoky and Yamame Model Prices

2-piece rod, with extra tip: 203,000 yen

Smoky and Yamame Models
ModelLengthSectionsLine #Action





Rods - Supreme and One-off Models

Masamichi is famous for his full-order system that will help produce your dream rod. Hollowed construction, nodeless splices, glass ferrules, bamboo ferrules, sudden swelled butt, reel-seat inlays, semi-gloss varnish, you name it and he can start from there. Please note that some feature combinations are unrealistic for the given purposes, and he has the right not to accept such order.

He sometimes has time to experiment, and creates beautiful one-off rods. They are available on stock basis, and will never to be repeated.

Supreme and One-off Model Prices

Supreme: 2-piece rod, with extra tip: 392,000 yen and upwards
One-off: 2-piece rod, with extra tip: 252,000 yen and upwards

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